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Does your Kitchen need a RESET BUTTON?

Kitchen magazines and watching design shows got you down? Do not worry, Profile is here to help with these three easy DIY simple fixes! Each one refreshes your Kitchen and can bring it back to LIFE! After all, it is the one place where you can enjoy and spend time with your family.

1. Paint Galore

Wall paint is a DIY project that can easily bring a new style and ambiance to your Kitchen. Dark and bold for a RICH look, or light and airy for SOFT feeling, the choices are endless!

Painting your cabinetry is also a GREAT option! Paint your old oak wood grain cabinetry a solid colour, like white which is totally trendy right now. And BAM, a brand new kitchen. Your cabinets will need some light sanding prior to painting but the work will totally be worth it. Save time and money with just Paint!

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2. Hardware it Up! It is as simple as one, two three.

One: Remove your existing cabinetry pulls and handles from your kitchen cabinetry with a screwdriver or applicable tool.

Two: Throw them away forever (in an environmentally friendly way of course or donate them!).

Three: Fall in love with a new style and install them on your cabinets!

Profile carries a handful of suppliers for cabinetry hardware, however the main one we use is Richelieu. They carry an assortment of options, but we love that their website provides filters to help determine what you are looking for! Contemporary, traditional, modern, black, stainless you name it there is a category for it. Each category gives you options and helps narrow down your options - makes it a whole lot easier! Get rid of those drab plastic pulls to elongated chrome ones or perhaps a glass knob! This simple fix is inexpensive and completely DIY!

Photo by: Richelieu

3. Open it Up and have a little fun!

More and more of our designs incorporate open shelving, but you can achieve this look without ripping out the old and installing new! Just need to simply remove some extra bulk.

Remove your upper cabinet doors and to go a step further add wallpaper, adhesive backing or paint to the back of your cabinets! Will bring colour, pattern and a whole new look to your kitchen. Could be as bold as black paint to white cabinets or a geometric design - the options are endless. Also the open cabinetry is a quick fix to display some of your colourful dishes, china or trinkets. Profile is here to help you think outside the box!

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Do you need a delete button instead of a reset button?

Profile offers complete kitchen renovations if a quick fix just wont cut it.With our complete contracting services, we are able to remove your existing kitchen including cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, flooring, task lighting and more! Stop by our showroom to pick everything new and we can install for you. We have a variety of bundles to meet every budget. Call or book an appointment today!


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